As usual in SMACD Conferences, the 2019 edition will also hold a thrilling and dynamic event where MSc and PhD students can compete for the $1,000 prize sponsored by IEEE CEDA with their best ideas, methodologies, flows and tools with one unique yet challenging goal:

“To improve design automation for integrated circuits and systems”

Call for Competition

Topics of Interest

Modeling, simulation and synthesis for analog, mixed-signal, RF, multidomain (such as MEMS, nanoelectronic, optoelectronic, biological).


All participants must submit a paper (following the same SMACD 2019 submission guidelines) with a description of the methodology and/or tool, the design problem of their choice and the solution provided by their methodology and/or tool.

The first author of the submission and presenter at the conference must be a MSc or a PhD student!

Important Dates

3rd May 2019
Author Notification
17th May 2019
Camera Ready Paper Submission
17th May 2019
Early Registration Deadline

Evaluation Criteria

A Judging Committee will select the winner(s) based on the quality of the paper, of its presentation at the conference and the live demonstration, using the following criteria:

  • Complexity of the problem posed in the paper.
  • Level of automation (e.g., fully automated, user-assisted, etc.).
  • Designer interface (e.g., problem setup, result analysis, etc.).
  • Applicability of the proposal (e.g., general approach or restricted to special problems, circuit classes or sizes, etc.).
  • Robustness of the design solutions (e.g., against parasitics, variability, etc.) and of the proposal itself (e.g. convergence, insensitivity to input and/or starting values, etc.).
  • Integration degree with commercial design suites and design methodologies (e.g., import and export data from these suites, usability in one or more steps of current design flows, etc.).

Important Notes

  • All accepted submissions in the competition will be presented by the students in special sessions at the conference and published in the conference proceedings.
  • The presenters must perform a live demo of the methodologies and/or tool.
  • SMACD organization guarantees internet connection to all participants, but required CAD tools or design kits licensing is in responsibility of each participant.
  • Papers not accepted for the competition short-list event will still be considered by the technical program commitee for the SMACD 2019 regular sessions.